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We supply cost-effective, high-performance valve seat inserts. Our products have become the preferred choice for Internal Combustion Engines of Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Two Wheelers, Industrial Engines, Marine Engines and gasoline engines etc. VALVE SEAT INSERTS are made from high chrome alloy and produced by centrifugal cast process to obtain closed grain dense structure to meet their functional properties.

Competition is not a threat to us, our operational structure is well defined by way of assuring deliveries in the accepted time frame, economical pricing and with the Quality that is most appropriate for the required purpose. We at NANDISH OVERSEAS believe and work towards Total Customer Satisfaction.

Valve Seat Inserts Production Range

  Min Max
Outer Diameter 70 mm 500 mm
Inner Diameter 30 mm 400 mm


  • Iron based alloys
  • Nickel
  • Chrome

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