Welcome to Nandish Overseas

We introduce ourselves as one of the Leading manufacturer and exporter of Wet & Dry Centrifugal Cylinder Liners, Sleeves, Air Cooled Block, Valve Guide, Valve Seats, Cast Iron Bar and Piston Pin. We are manufactures varied premium cylinder liners for all type of cars, trucks, diesel engines, marina engines etc.

Cylinder liners and sleeves are manufactured using latest permanent moulds and casting procedures, which ensures that the material maintains predominantly homogenous consistency.

We manufacture quality Centrifugally Cast Cylinder Liners, Sleeves with precise casting to machining facilities coupled with quality assurance equipments at every stage of production. The casting facilities are balanced by latest machining equipment that enables us to ensure dimensional accuracy as per our customer specifications.

Latest Products

  • Cast Iron Bar
  • Piston Pins
  • Cylinder Liner Sleeve
  • Valve Guide
  • Valve Seats
  • Disc Brackes
  • Air Cooled Block